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It is hosted by and has WordPress installed  for creating blog posts and page creation.  My intention is to inspire you to choose Whole Plant-Strong Food as your diet and Lifestyle Medicine as your path to optimal health.  While I am not certified, licensed or degreed in the medical field, I have read several books on plant-based health and hope to inspire others to become more healthy.  On the blog top menu are links to Whole Food, Plant-Based resources and recipe sites.

Please subscribe to receive new posts by email.  Comment on anything you wish.   My posts may not be 100% up to date with the very latest research findings but I am doing the best with what I believe to be factual and true by following some of the top experts in the plant-based field.  I may wait for those I follow to post their opinions of the new ‘findings’ before posting on a topic.   It often turns out the ‘new’ findings are not accurate or true at all.

lifestyle medicine


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