Plant Based Nutrition Certificate


eCornell Plant Based Nutrition Certificate

I sent my application in 2015 for the scholarship.  In late January they emailed that I had won it!

Plant-Based Nutrition Certificate

This is info only. I do not earn any comissions if anyone signs up.

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Certificate eCornell

It consists of three courses of two weeks in length.  One needs to be able to put in about an hour a day.  It consists of hours of lectures by Dr. Campbell, Dr. McDougall, Jeff Novick, Doug Lisle, Caldwell B. Esselsyn and others.  Plus there is some reading to do.  there is a short quiz at the end of each segment… or module.. and most of them include posting a discussion on the lesson materials.

You have unlimited chances to retake the quiz, or to re post your discussion.  To pass, one must have 100% scores or be marked Completed in every part. It isn’t hard to get through.

plant based nutrition provides us health, saves the planet and is great for animals.

The certificate is divided into 3 courses, each taking 2 weeks to complete and includes 17 information packed lectures, readings, moderated discussions, no-pressure quizzes, and bonus materials (Estimated time commitment of 5 to 7 hours per week).

  • Taught by world-renowned faculty
  • Readily available live, expert instructor team
  • No pre-requisites
  • Research-based content
  • Network with students from around the world
  • Continuing education credits
  • In the program you will learn about:
    • The role of nutrition in the development of chronic disease
    • Physiological reasons we are drawn to foods that do not support health
    • Environmental consequences of food choices
    • The impact of industry on both science and public policy
    • The rationale for whole food, plant-based nutrition


This was an enjoyable course.  I had already read several books on the subject and we eat Whole Food, Plant Based diet.  I enjoyed the lectures and bonus lectures on related topics.  Also we’re encouraged to comment on fellow student’s discussion posts, though it is not a requirement.  Kinda fun though!



2 thoughts on “Plant Based Nutrition Certificate

  1. pwyll

    Appreciate your thinking outside-no box required! The sick cultures are beginning to get the message about real food–your diligence is helping with ath impact-bravo.

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